Giant Loaders

Stop Skidding Around!

Giant Loader with Skid Marks

The Skid Steer Replacement!

Brabandt Equipment has decades of experience servicing and maintaining Giant Loaders. Contact us anytime for help with your skid steer or loader!

The Giant Loader Lineup

SK Series


G1200 TELE

G1500 Series

G2200 Series

G2200E Series

G2300 Series

G2500 Series

G2700 Series

G3500 Series

G3500 TELE

G5000 Series

G5000 TELE

GT5048 Series

10 Reasons to Buy a Giant Loader

  1. Cost: Tobroco Giant machines have a lower RPM when operated than most models on the market. This makes them incredibly fuel efficient especially when coupled with the high quality, fuel saving components across the machine.
  2. Reduced Noise: Tobroco Loaders also ease noise pollution with low noise levels across the range.
  3. Safe entry
  4. Less Damage: Reduced tire wear and no ground damage to any surface on the articulated loader ranges.
  5. Ergonomic: Enhanced operator comfort through Oscillation and ground specific tires.
  6. Exceed Expectations: High tipping load and reaching height on all models so it’s suitable for every job.
  7. Visibility: 360 degree visibility from the drivers seat with no strain to back or neck.
  8. Speed: Higher driving speeds, helping you cross distances faster.
  9. Impressive Attachment Range: 150+ attachments available.
  10. Size Matters: Bridging the gap between Skid Steers and large Wheel Loaders.